Entry #2

The Explaining of Mouthsinging

2008-12-20 03:54:50 by flashetion

These stickman-looking creatures you find in the Mouthsinging clips are simple creatures. They have one mouth and they sing. Thats all they do. So thats why their songs are simple text-songs. The chosen songs is just for fun. Greater songs often have long intros.

I learned one day; if you synch the sound to STREAM, you can easily animate lip-singing. So I thought this could be fun, and it was! Especially with songs that would make you laugh.

Keep it up!

The Explaining of Mouthsinging


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2008-12-20 14:25:30

So is there going to be another mouthsinging? liked the first one.


2008-12-20 15:07:40

yea yea! make more man
ask me if you would like some of my songs!


2008-12-20 21:39:39

Looked kinda weird to me.
Since you only drew teeth on the bottom of the mouths it looked like they were upside down most of the time.


2009-02-20 18:44:19

are you makeing more? id love to know


2012-02-08 22:45:24

hush now quiet fu*king now?